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Terry Zagar ( suggests:

I greatly enjoyed AntiPatterns - it maps nicely to my experience and personal observations.  I'd like to suggest two additional architecture-related antipatterns that I seem to run across again and again:
Too Early Adopter - taking on a technology that is still in the alpha or beta stage, or for which there are no apparent outside users that are using it to solve of problem of comparable complexity to the problem you'd like to solve. A vast number of Year 2000 vendors come to mind in this case. Of value when there is nothing else even close, otherwise the easiest solution is to just avoid it!


Useless Potential - a technologically great solution with obvious potential, but which is unable to realize that potential because they forgot the -ilities (usability, scalability, manageability, supportability, trainability, portability, etc.). Some networking products and distributed computing tools I've run across have great internal flexibility. Unfortunately, the set up and maintenance tools they provide you with are not of the same level of robustness, making them a nightmare to manage in a production environment.


Great ideas, Terry.  It would be fun to expand on these a bit.

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