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Now what?! Maybe it's the Domino Effect AntiPattern. Better look here to learn what to do ... Guide to recognizing AntiPatterns in J2EE: bad habits of code and design.
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This web site is all about AntiPatterns. In this site, we primarily address the AntiPatterns Books "AntiPatterns: Refactoring Software, Architectures, and Projects in Crisis", "Anti-Patterns and Patterns in Software Configuration Management", and "AntiPatterns in Project Management" -- all of which are published by the excellent computer science team at J.S. Wiley and Sons.  We set out here to provide as complete a picture as we can about just what an AntiPattern is, why it's important and what we can and should be doing about them.

It's been a long time since we made any updates to this site, and the original five AntiPatterns authors have long since gone our separate ways, although we do try to keep in touch as best as possible. However, we are very pleased to see that our books are being followed up by several more on the subject. As we become aware of them, we hope to point them out here in sporadic updates as time permits. We do answer email, and have been occasionally lured to speak about AntiPatterns at various conferences around the world since publishing AntiPatterns.

So, where to begin?  May we suggest that you start with "What's an AntiPattern" if you're new to the world of AntiPatterns.  If you're an ol' hand, you may want to jump right to the AntiPattern Catalog.  Have fun!  AntiPatterns are both fun and revealing.  We're looking forward to your feedback!

Also, we recently received what we think is a terrific recent term paper about AntiPatterns by Ed J. Please take a look at it here!

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