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Igor Markov (   says:

Regarding the "Cut-n-paste reuse" antipattern --- Brenda Baker of Bell Labs has done quite some work on finding duplicate and near-duplicate code fragments. Her home page offers research papers and relevant software.   Also, there's a SODA-99 paper coming.  Hope this helps,


P.S. "Anti-patterns" is a great book --- both useful and fun.

Thanks for the lead, Igor!  Now everyone can follow it.  We're glad you like AntiPatterns.  Keep you eyes open for our new book, AntiPatterns in Configuration Management coming out in April!

Malcolm Sparks (   says:

This is a truly magnificent book. Highly readable and entertaining, AntiPatterns is the perfect antidote for technology hype. What surprised me was how often I found myself in total agreement with the authors' diagnosis, almost all of which I could identify with from experience.  No book can hope to make a better contribution to project success that this one. Everyone in software development should get their hands on a copy.

WOW!  We love to get notes like this one.  Thank you very much for the high praise, Malcolm. We agree with you, and hope that everyone in software development does by it!

Dave Madsen (   says:

Thanks for the site, and the announcement on the patterns lists...   I've sent in my subscription notice to your mailing list.
I've reserved a copy of the book at my local bookstore. Expect the royalty check shortly :-) :-)

Thanks again -- I expect that this will be a lively mailing list. I hope to learn a lot.


Jacek Wojcieszynski (Jacek_Wojcieszynski/HeadQ@netia.p) says:

How many errors should be done to register new antipattern [3?]

Yes, Jacek, that seems to be the number.  Sign up for the AntiPatterns discussion group to join the debate on this topic!

Jason Lind ( says:

Hi, I'm Jason Lind. My friend and I wish to co-author a book about AntiPatterns and their implementation in Search Engines, how they should be used and so forth. As I know you have worked with several other people to write a book of your own, I was wondering if you could give me any helpful links or sources on this subject area. Thank you for your time!

Hello Jason,

How serious are you? Do you have a publisher lined up yet? It's a lot of work, but well worth the effort. Why don't you tell us more about your project first. I am interested in your thesis, but would like to see more of an abstract and outline before investing a lot of time into helping you. If you are serious, there may be a good chance that we could help you a great deal!

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